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Diwali Celebrations – Safety tips to make Deepawali a bliss

Diwali, also called Deepawali, is a major festival of the Hindu community worldwide. The festival is celebrated with lights, gifts and firecrackers. This year Diwali is being celebrated on 24 October 2022. The festivities start with Dhanteras which is being celebrated on 22 October 2022. The festival has a huge following as you can see the cities drenched in lights. But sometimes the festival which is known for fun and passion turns into a disaster due to negligence. Here we list the things to do and not to do to make this Diwali safe.

Diwali Celebrations- Diya



  • It is better to avoid burning firecrackers. But if you are not able to control the urge you should do it following precautions.
  • While burning firecrackers you should burn them in open spaces only. Burning them in close areas may lead to fire or disasters.
  • While burning a firecracker, make sure that there is no combustible or inflammatory material around. As sparks from the firecrackers are uncontrolled, these materials can catch fire.
  • While buying firecrackers make sure you are only buying the right kind of firecrackers. Green firecrackers are in vogue recently. Also, ensure that you are buying from authentic sources. Most governments issues license for selling firecrackers.
  • If you have bought a firecracker that you have not used before, you should read the instructions thoroughly
  • Keep a bucket of water ready while lighting firecrackers.
  • If you have bought firecrackers a few days before Diwali then you should store it in a container far from kids and inflammatory or combustive materials.
  • While burning firecrackers ensure that you are not wearing loose silk clothes as they may catch fire. Well-fitted cotton clothes are ideal for this. Don’t forget to put on footwear.
  • If you are fond of long hair, make sure you have tied them properly while you are burning firecrackers.
  • If your child is burning firecrackers, make sure he is doing it under your guidance.
  • If you are burning a firecracker that produces a deafening sound, then refrain from burning it. If must, use cotton plugs to avoid damage to eardrums.
  • If you are suffering from respiratory diseases then don’t stop out and keep the air purifier on. If you are living in a big city with a high firecracker burning rate then it is better to leave the city and go to a rural area.
  • You should dispose of the unused and half-burnt firecrackers safely.

    Dieali - Firecrackers


  • As we have already understood what to do, it is time to understand what not to do to stay safe while burning firecrackers. These are as follows.
  • Don’t get adventurous. Some people make it thrilling by lighting firecrackers in hand. It may prove costly.
  • As it is Diwali, there might be burning candles and diyas around. You shouldn’t put firecrackers near them as they may burn unaware. Burning firecrackers near electric poles and wires should also be avoided.
  • Silk and synthetic clothes are more prone to catching fire. So, avoid wearing them while lighting firecrackers.
  • Don’t light firecrackers directly with matchboxes and lighters. Consider using long firewood or sparklers that are relatively safer.
  • Don’t try to burn a firecracker while inside a vehicle as it may end up in a big accident.
  • Sometimes firecrackers don’t burn immediately and you may think that it is dormant. But don’t ever try to temper it as it may burst anytime and injure you.

Adulterated sweets

It is no doubt that Diwali is synonymous with sweets and the demand for sweets is more than the supply on this day. So some shopkeepers use this opportunity to their advantage and sell adulterated sweets that may cause harm to our health.


  • Always go to a sweet shop that sells fresh sweets. Check the manufacture date if the sweets are packed.
  • Some reputed sweet shops take pre-orders of the sweets. So, you can also pre-order sweets for this occasion.
  • Smells and tastes the sweets before buying. Don’t buy them If they are different from their usual taste.
  • Always buy from sweet shops that are routinely checked by food security professionals.
  • Different sweets have different self-life. So, you should buy them accordingly.
  1. Milk-based sweets – 2 Days
  2. Ladoo and khoya – 4 Days
  3. Ghee and dry fruit sweets – 7 Days

    Diwali Sweets


  • Don’t buy sweets from a shop that is known for old stock.
  • Khoya sweets can be easily adulterated. So, buy it from authentic sweet shops only.
  • Always go to a popular sweet shop as usually, they have fresh sweets.
  • Don’t buy from a sweet shop that doesn’t allow you to smell or taste before buying.
  • Authorities issue licenses to sweet shops. Don’t buy sweets from an unauthorized shop.


As Diwali or Deepawali is the festival of lights, decorating homes and streets with lights is a norm. The preparation starts weeks before.


  • Always buy lighting and jhalars from authentic sources. Always go for standard products as substandard products are prone to catching fire.
  • If you have complex lighting to fit, always seek an electrician. An ill-fitted lighting can prove disastrous.

    Diwali Decorative Lighting


  • Never allow kids to go near electric jhalars. If they go, they should under the supervision of an elder.
  • When buying lighting and jhalars, don’t go for cheap products. Instead, look for quality products.
  • Don’t overdo it. Have you heard about light pollution?

Earthen lamps or diyas

Diwali has a long tradition of earthen lamps or diyas. Even the arrival of electric lighting or jhalars has not replaced it. If these lamps and diyas are lighted carelessly they may lead to the eruption of fire.


  • Keep diyas or lamps away from curtains.
  • Put diyas on flat surfaces to keep them in balance.
  • Always use good quality diyas.
  • Keep sanitizers away from fire.

    Earthen lamps or diyas


  • Don’t put diyas near inflammable material.
  • Don’t let children or kids go near diyas.
  • Don’t overfill diyas.
  • Don’t put diyas near doorways or on passages.
  • Don’t apply alcohol-based sanitizers on hand before lighting diyas as such sanitizers are inflammable.

General tips

  • Have a fire extinguisher ready.
  • Keep a first aid kit ready.
  • Many people seek pleasure in alcohol. Don’t do this.
  • If you have pets in your home, then take them to a place where outside noise is the least.
  • While you are rejoicing in firecrackers make sure you are also fulfilling your responsibility towards nature.
  • If you have elderly people at home, request them to stay indoors as the air around them would be polluted.

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