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OCD Therapist - Choosing the Right OCD Therapist Made Easy

One of the most disabling mental disorders, OCD affects a large population worldwide. As per the data received from authentic sources, 2 to 3 percent of the US population suffers from this disorder. Coping with OCD is an arduous task for sufferers, their families and everyone around. Intrusive thoughts, compulsion to do certain things and an urge to follow rituals take a toll on your productive life. It is obvious they look for OCD therapy. The situation demands expert OCD therapists. Here the demand is often more than the supply. To simplify your search, we give practical tips on how to choose the right OCD therapist.

OCD Therapist

Know Their License

Your OCD therapists should be licensed. Different states have different kinds of licenses. Make sure they have a valid license. When you meet a psychotherapist, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask some basic questions. You should ask whether they have a valid license. Ask him to show his license. If he hesitates, consider visiting a different OCD therapist.

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Know About Their Training

You should ask them about their field of study and training, the institutions they have attended, and if they have a valid license to practice it. Always give preference to someone who has attended a reputed institution. There are institutions that offer specialized training in the management of OCD. You should prefer a therapist with a specialized course in OCD.

Kind of Homework

Handling OCD is difficult and sufferers must cooperate with a therapist. Most therapists give homework between sessions to keep sufferers engaged and fight OCD on their own. You should check with your therapist about the kind of lessons he gives. Do they give imaginal tasks or real tasks? Ask your therapist if he gives homework. If yes, then of what kind. These tasks play an important part in Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. If your therapist doesn’t have these kinds of resources, then you should prefer looking for a different therapist.

Don’t hire him if his credentials are doubtful.

Ask About Their Experience

Just having a license is not enough. You should also have relevant experience. What they say practice makes a man perfect still holds good here.  As a clinician practice, they come across different kinds of cases that make them rich in experience. Also, try to know if his experience is relevant to your requirements.

Ask him how much experience they have in general. Also, ask him about his experience in treating OCD. You should also ask him about the success stories of their patients.

Know their Method

While hiring an OCD you should know how will he treat you. There is more than one method to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some OCD therapists treat it through medication, some through psychotherapy, or some through a combination of both.

Apart from that, there are other treatments like Deep brain Stimulation (DBS), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and residential programs. Some people also try Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is a part of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

It is up to the OCD therapist to decide which program best suits you.

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Does He Practice ERP?

Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the most successful treatment methods for OCD, with ERP at its core. But not everyone can do ERP.  If done wrong, ERP or Exposure and Response Prevention can backfire. So, you have every right to know if your prospective OCD therapist has mastery over ERP. If he doesn’t have enough experience in ERP then you should consider looking for another therapist.

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Policy on Outgoing ERP

Exposure and Response Prevention therapy is an elaborate form of treatment for OCD. You may have to go outside, touch things, and resists the urge to follow rituals. For this, your therapists should be outgoing in nature. If he has a problem going outside, he won’t be do ERP better. It is time to look for another therapist.

Opinion About Medication

A good psychotherapist should also be open to using medication in conjunction with cognitive behavior therapy. Your OCD therapist shouldn’t be against it. If he rejects any such idea, you should ask him to convince you about the same. If he resists it, you should start looking for another OCD therapist.

Your Rapport With Him 

OCD therapy is a long process and you have to visit your therapist several times to get good results. Here a good rapport with him is necessary. Ask him what would be the mode of communication. Would he himself call you, or communicate through employees or any other mode.

Seek a Demo Session

Seeking a demo session could be one of the best ways to hire an OCD therapist. By taking a demo session you will be able to know their skills, see the benefit of therapy and check your rapport with him.  This practice will help you select the right therapist.

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Seek References

While looking for an OCD therapist, you should seek references. Has anyone from your circle got treatment for OCD? If yes, he might have come across a slew of therapists. He can give you the right kind of reference.

Another way to get the right reference is to ask your family doctor and he might be knowing someone who treats them well.

Consult a Forum

There are several forums on the internet where you can make the discussion about local clinicians. Ask in the local forum about the OCD therapists and people will answer it as per their experience. For example, you can post a question like the best OCD therapists in New York.

Search for Local Listings

Most businesses list them in local listings and clinicians are not behind.  They also register themselves in the local listing so that they can be easily found. You can search best OCD therapists near me. Google, Yelp, and several listing services offer this service.

Read Reviews

Patients are very vocal these days, if they don’t like anything they do not hesitate to voice their opinion. If you have a liking for a particular therapist read reviews and client testimonials on review websites. By going through these reviews, you will be better positioned to make a decision.

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