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World Drugs Day 2022 – History, Significance and Insights

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is celebrated on June 26 every year. The day is celebrated to create an awareness and a sense of responsibility among the people around the world. The day is commonly referred to as World Drug Day. Before proceeding further let us know its history. The history behind International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. United Nations with a goal to make the world society free from drug abuse declared 26 June as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking through its resolution 42/112 of 7 December 1987. Creating awareness about illicit drugs and their effect on society are other goals behind this resolution. The Theme for International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2022 The theme for World Drugs Day 2022 is ‘Care in Crisis.’ As the world is facing crisis in the form of war, energy, food and pandemic (Covid19), the theme appears as the natural choice. Significance of In

Alcohol Abuse - Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and its Treatment

Christina’s husband is an alcoholic. He consumes too much alcohol. He is not able to stop his craving for alcohol. He has lost his job and has become a liability for Christina. She took her to a doctor who termed the condition as alcohol abuse or alcohol use disorder (AUD). Defining Alcohol Abuse - What Does it Mean Alcohol abuse which is also called Alcohol Use Disorder or alcoholism can be defined as a condition in which a person uses a frequent and heavy amount of alcohol. People with such a condition can’t stop consuming alcohol even when it is adversely affecting their health.   Those consuming a heavy amount of it may develop a tolerance to alcohol and may experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to shed this habit. Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in America There is an alarming number of cases of Alcohol Abuse or AUD in America. As per a study published by National Survey in 2019, around 14.1 million adults (5.6%) and 414,000 adolescents (1.7%) were suffe

Dealing with OCD in a Relationship – Treatment and Tips

Dealing with OCD in a relationship is a bit difficult. Intrusive thoughts and compulsions related to it make your life not so easy. But on the surface relationship between OCD or ROCD is not easy to detect. The story gives you a clear picture.   Thirty-year-old Tina is an IT consultant. She is beautiful, interesting and draws a good salary. Her husband thirty-five-year-old Mike is tall, handsome and works as an investment banker. It was all good in the early years of marriage. Recently, Tina has started feeling that she could have found a better partner. She feels that her husband is not the right match for her. She knows that these thoughts are not reasonable. But these intrusive thoughts keep coming to her mind. She visited a psychologist who diagnosed her condition as relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder (ROCD). So what Tina will be looking for? She must be looking for ways to dealing with OCD in a relationship. Here we will try to understand what ROCD or relationship OC

GAD – Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Tips, Lifestyle

Anxiety Disorders affect a large population worldwide and as per the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA) , it affects millions of people in the United States alone. It affects 5% of people in the UK and 3.1% of people in the US. Despite this only 43.2% affected people in America are getting treatment. More women than men are affected by anxiety. It’s more prevalent in persons aged between 35 and 59. % Anxiety disorders can broadly be defined into five categories.     Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)   Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)   Panic Disorder   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)   Social Phobia or Social Anxiety Disorder   Here we will be discussing Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in detail. What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) - Meaning and Definition Generalized Anxiety Disorder which is popularly referred to as GAD is an anxiety disorder in which sufferers get persistent worry and anxiety about day-to-life situations without no pa

ERP Therapy – Most Dependable Therapy for OCD Sufferers

This article is about ERP which means, Exposure and Response Prevention which is an important component of OCD treatment. It shouldn’t be confused with ERP which means Enterprise Resource Planning those businesses use to integrate their business processes. Anyone who has received OCD treatment must be knowing Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). It is a therapy where OCD and anxiety patients are treated using behavior therapy. One of its major components is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). Want to know more about it? Here we help you understand ERP therapy better. What is ERP Therapy – Meaning and Definition Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy is a kind of behavior therapy in which a sufferer is exposed to a situation that provokes his obsession and anxiety and at the same time, he is helped to not to complete the compulsion and perform the rituals.   This therapy is designed to help sufferers get rid of the vicious cycle of obsession and compulsion so that they ca