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Naturopathy – Meaning, Principles, Types Benefits, Risks

Naturopathy is getting popular in recent decades as it has been delivering outstanding results where modern medicine fails. It is why Hollywood actresses like Penelope Cruz and Sienna Miller don’t stop praising this alternative medicine which is fast becoming a preferred choice for celebrities, common people and those facing debilitating medical conditions. Here we are trying to understand naturopathy which is highly effective yet not mainstream.


Meaning and Definition – What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy can be defined as a type of medicine that combines different therapies like herbs, mud, massage and exercise to make body heal on its own. It also includes nutritional counseling so that recovery can be made fast. In some cases, a naturopathic doctor also works on the stress management of the patient.

The prime focus of Naturopathy as a system is education and prevention of the disease.

Major Principles of Naturopathy

Every stream of healing depends on certain principles. Here we list major principles of naturopathy.

Healing on its Own

Naturopathy firmly believes in self-healing and the treatment is focused on removing obstacles in the path of healing. It sets a conducive environment for recovery. 

Treating the Root Cause

Naturopathy doesn’t believe in treating the symptoms. Instead, it focuses on treating the issue behind it. So, this treatment is based on treating the body mind and soul.

No Side Effects

As an alternative medicine, naturopathy ensures that there should be no harmful impact or side effects while treating the patient. The focus is not to affect your body negatively while treating.

Holistic Healing

While treating a patient a naturopathic doctor takes into account all the aspects of the patient’s health. So, it’s just not focused on a particular disease but on complete health.

Educating the Patient

As per naturopathy, to be healthy the patient must know how to handle this disease. A naturopathic doctor educates a patient about the disease and offers knowledge on self-care. We all know self-care is very important in healing.


Prevention is better than cure. A naturopathic doctor advises you on how to take preventive care to treat disease better. He advises you on what to do and what not to do so that recovery can be made faster.

Types of Naturopathy Treatment

Naturopathy uses several therapies that can be used in isolation or in combination to treat a disease. Let’s have a look.


In acupressure, a therapist applies pressure on certain points of body using fingers or some blunt objects. The idea is to stimulate the self-healing abilities of the body.

Air Therapy

As we said earlier, naturopathy is a combination of therapies, it also involves air therapy.  In such a therapy, air bath is suggested to patients. It gets more effective when it is used in combination with morning cold rub and exercise.

Chromo Therapy

In such a therapy, a naturopathic doctor uses the therapeutic properties of seven colors of sunray. This treatment is given using oil and water that is put in bottles and glasses exposed to sun rays for certain hours.

Diet Therapy

As per naturopathy, your diet could be a great healer. This alternative therapy suggests that your diet must be taken fresh. There should be an emphasis on taking fresh fruits, juices and vegetables. Such a diet improves health, heals diseases and boosts the immune system.

Fasting Therapy

Fasting is also an important therapy in naturopathy. During fasting, the body burns stored fat and excretes the waste material.


Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy that uses water as a treating material. The treatment uses a hot and cold bath and a sauna to get the desired effects. One of the most popular treatments in naturopathy.

Magnet therapy

In this treatment, small magnets are used to treat diseases. A therapist uses these magnets on certain points of the body as per the requirements. The treatment gets simpler with the availability of magnetic belts.

Masso Therapy

Masso therapy is the process of manipulating soft tissues. This therapy has a rejuvenating effect on the body.  Masso therapy uses several oils and herbs for best results.

Mud Therapy

Mud therapy has a soothing effect on the body. If properly done it dilutes the waste from the body and ultimately removes it. Mud therapy is one of the most popular treatments in naturopathy. 

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Why Naturopathy – Key Benefits

What attracts many people worldwide toward naturopathy is its many benefits. Here we turn the spotlight on the key advantage of naturopathy.

Prevention of Disease

We have discussed earlier naturopathy aims at the prevention of disease. As per its philosophy combating the disease in its infancy is far easier than dealing with it at an advanced stage. Apart from the prevention it also focuses on proper nutrition so that the immune system can be given a boost.

Efficient Cure for Certain Disease

Although naturopathy treats a number of diseases but it has been found highly effective in the treatment of certain diseases. Digestion issues, epilepsy, allergies, and skin disorders can be best treated with naturopathy.

Besides, this treatment has also been found effective in weight management, insomnia, and anxiety issues.

A Mix of Therapies

Naturopathy is a mix of several therapies. It curates the most efficient treatment method for the cure of your disease. It uses herbs, exercise, food and reiki as a treatment method.

Improves Self Awareness

As naturopathy aims at creating a fine balance of your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, it creates a great sense of self-awareness. Many people who have gone through a holistic naturopathy treatment have found an improved sense of self-awareness.

Safe Treatment

Contrary to other treatment streams, naturopathy has little or no side effects. It improves the immune system to combat diseases without doing any harm to your body.

In such a treatment a naturopathic doctor assesses your situation and devises a treatment methodology so that healing and restoration can be done without making any harm to your body. The treatment often involves a combination of therapies.

So, if you are considering a safe and effective treatment for an underlying disease, then naturopathy is a system worth considering.

A Reliable Cure for Insomnia

Due to the modern lifestyle and stress related to it, a large number of people are facing sleep disorders and have to contact the allopathic physician who prescribes sleeping pills. They can get relief in naturopathy which is cost-effective, without side effects and non-habit forming.


Contrary to mainstream medicine, naturopathy is considered cost-effective. You don’t have to go for a series of diagnostic tests, medication and surgeries that cost a lot. With naturopathy, you can get therapy that is cost-effective and reliable.

Non-Invasive Treatment

One of the most important but least discussed aspects of naturopathy is its non-invasiveness. A naturopathic doctor assesses your situation, knows your lifestyle and devises a treatment strategy.

Risks Associated with Naturopathy

  • Apart from the benefits, there are some risks associated with naturopathy. Here we list the major risks of naturopathic treatment.
  • Supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals are given in naturopathy. And if you are taking prescription medicine, these supplements may reduce the effect of these medicines.
  • As a part of detox therapy, a naturopathic doctor may suggest detox diets. But these diets should be used only for a prescribed period. With Its regular use, you may lose essential nutrients.
  • Naturopathy treatment is considered safe but there is very little evidence of its efficacy.
  • A large number of doctors working as naturopathy practitioners don’t have proper training. It affects the quality of treatment.
  • Naturopathic treatment is not for everyone. People suffering from diabetes should be cautious while getting naturopathic treatment as it may put a constraint on a certain food that might be essential for you as a diabetic.

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