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Monday Motivation – 7 Books to Make Your Monday Easy and Fun

Working professionals can understand why they need Monday motivation. After an enjoyable weekend, they find it hard to wake up and get ready for the office. No doubt, it is not easy for a working professional. But we have to go to the office – there is no option. The gravity of the situation can be understood with the fact that as per the data from Mercer, a consulting firm, one-third of total sick leaves are taken on Monday. Here Monday motivation could be of great help. Before proceeding further, let's understand what Monday motivation is?

Defining Monday Motivation – What is its Meaning

Monday motivation is an umbrella term for a number of motivational posts submitted on social media on Monday such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People posts positive quotes, images and videos that could offer motivation to start Monday under the hashtag #MondayMotivation.

As it is the first day of the week, people find it hard to get back to their normal routines after the weekend. Most people have scary feelings that are called Monday blues. To beat these fears and negative feelings, you require positive thoughts. It is why Monday motivation trends across social media platforms. Besides #MondayMotivation, you can also find similar trends like #MondayMood, #MondayVibes, #MondayMorning and #mondaythoughts trending on social media.

The whole purpose of Monday motivation is to motivation people to get out the bed, go to work and do the work they require to do.

Books to Read for Monday Motivation

So how can you make Monday easy for you? Here, motivation has a great role to play. There are quotes, podcasts and videos to get motivation from. But things get simple when you have a habit of reading. There are several books written on this topic. Here we list the top books on Monday motivating.

Monday Motivation

The 5AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma has been a new age guru for millennials and his books are eagerly awaited by professionals worldwide. The author shot to fame with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. The 5AM Club comes with several revelations, strategies and quotes to make your life wonderful. As most of us find it hard to resume work on Monday, the book motivates you by saying things like the world-class begin when you come out of your comfort zone. In another statement, the author reiterates the age-old wisdom of sweating more in practice to bleed less in war. Such quotes give inspiration when you start your Monday.

The book is filled with several such quotes and ideas to make your Monday more enjoyable, fun and productive. This book from Robin Sharma also motivates those with a habit of procrastination. In a chapter, the author asks you to dream big, start small and begin now. Isn’t it inspiring?

Why You Hate Mondays and Love Fridays by Moffat Huntingford

Are you also someone who dreads Monday? Then this book is quite helpful for you? Great achievements require a disciplined approach towards work and there is no place for hating Mondays. The people who have got great achievements in life have toiled hard without any weekend fatigue. The book dives deep into the reasons that make you hate Monday. More than finding the reasons, it also suggests practical ways to tame Monday fears. Great achievements don’t come easy and you have to pay the price. The book offers enough Monday Motivation quotes to avoid Monday fears and remain efficient, powerful and productive throughout the week.

Mastering Mondays: The guide to dominating your life, starting on the first day of the week by S Napit and R D Kirk

The book is a great resource for millennials dreading Monday. It admits that the fear of Monday is real and at the same time offers practical tips and tricks to handle this fear and come out victorious. The author duo offers practical lessons on how to organize the week in order to make the most of it.  You will find several Monday inspirational quotes while reading. The book doesn’t stop here and tries to find out what makes your Mondays dreading and offers practical solutions to overcome these fears and make your week highly productive. As you finish reading this book will have enough Monday motivation to excel at work without fear of Monday.

The book is aimed at millennials who are adding value, efficiency, and strength to the workforce. But these millennials are not about their problems. Like most other professionals, Mondays suck them too. Following the inspiration for Monday given in this book, these millennials can unleash their hidden potentials that could be beneficial for them as well as the organizations they work for. The book offers enough practical lessons to manage the work well so that they don’t have to dread Mondays.

The Best of Monday Morning Minute: Starting and Finishing Your Week on Purpose by Ron Klopfenstein

The book is focused on suggesting innovative ways to start your Monday on a good note with improved focus and an increased level of attention. In the author's own words, accumulating more knowledge on this topic is not the intention of this book as such knowledge is already in abundance. The book aims at finding ways to put this knowledge into practice to make it more productive.

The Best of Monday Morning Minute is beautifully filled with challenges, questions, and responses that offer an insight into your work life. After finishing this book, you will be in a position to make your Monday less dreading. In short, this book has everything to your week productive. 

Monday Motivation: 52 Lessons for Living the Best Year of Your Life by Kathleen DuBois

Are you someone who fears Mondays and finds it hard to go on work as the week starts? If yes, businesswoman, speaker and author Kathleen DuBois has an answer. The book consists of 52 lessons that are filled with anecdotes, inspiration and actionable strategies that make it a perfect book for week planning. No doubt it has been in high demand among the working professionals since its release.

In Monday Motivation, Kathleen DuBois offers lessons on how to live into the present, offer more attention to yourself and be mindful in whatever you do. In short, it is a must-have book for anyone who wants to get more from a week. To help you better work on the strategies given in this book, it is also supplied with a workbook.

Monday Morning Motivation: Five Steps to Energize Your Team, Customers, and Profits by David Cottrell

David Cottrell is an internationally renowned author, speaker and leadership consultant. No doubt, motivation has always been his forte. This is an important book from his Monday Morning trilogy. The author is highly successful in putting his points across in an engaging manner. It touches on various topics that influence the productivity of your organization. From finding energy leaks to plugging them and covering topics like synchronization, speed, and communication; the book touches everything essential to boost your team’s morale and increase profit. This book on Monday motivation is a must-read for every level of employee.

Monday Motivation: Short Essays That Empower, Uplift and Inspire by Anthony Chiles

One of the major books on Monday motivation, this book by Anthony Chiles is a must-have book for anyone dragging himself to work on Monday and wants a shot of inspiration for that. This one of the masterpieces from Anthony Chiles is divided into 52 essays that boost your morale, impart wisdom, motivate you to achieve your goals. This book inspires, empower and aims at preparing you to give your best shot at your work. This book has everything to keep you motivated and inspired on Monday.

Apart from these seven listed books, there are several other books that could be the right sources for getting Monday motivation. Here Monday Motivation by Minster Frankie is worth mentioning that offers 52 pieces of motivational writing – one for every Monday of the year. Every piece of these 52 writing has a verse from the bible.

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