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Rose Day – Make it Special with Assorted Colored Roses

In February couples in love often look for an important festival. Yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day. But Valentine’s Day is not alone as the week preceding it is called Valentine week which constitutes Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day. Here we talking about Rose Day the start day of Valentine’s Week.

Rose Day 2022

What is Rose Day: Meaning and Definition

Rose Day can be defined as the beginning date of Valentine’s week. On this occasion, couples give red roses to each other. Red roses are given to those with whom you are in love while yellow roses are given to those with whom you are friends. Pink roses are given to those who are more than a friend but not your beloved. 

When is Rose Day: Date and Day of Rose Day

Rose Day is the beginning of Valentine’s week and it is celebrated on 7th February. In 2022, Rose Day is on Monday.

However, it shouldn’t be confused with National Rose Day which is celebrated in the United States and Europe on the second Saturday of June.  National Rose Day 2022 will be celebrated on 11 June.

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Rose Day 2022: Different Types of Roses to be Gifted

You were eagerly waiting for Rose Day of Valentine’s Week and the day has arrived. Everyone is looking for highly sought-after red roses. But do you know that there are different colors of roses that can be gifted on Rose Day. Here is the list.

Red Rose 

When it comes to Rose Day there is no parallel of red roses. It is the ideal way to express your love for your beloved. Red rose symbolizes romance and it why it is a must-have thing for couples on this day. Gifting a red rose means you love her.

White Rose

If you are in the early stages of a relationship, you might have decided that he/she is the partner for you. You have a heart filled with love and this heart is for you.  By gifting her a bouquet of red roses on the first day of Valentine’s Week you are signifying that she is the one for you.

Pink Rose

Pink roses are also in high demand on the rose day as these roses are gifted to show gratitude to a person. It could be a friend, beloved or anyone in your extended circle. It is given to show admiration and respect for someone. It denotes that you’re grateful for having her/him in your life.

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are also in popular demand on the rose day of Valentine’s week. Yellow rose radiates cheerfulness and friendship. It signifies friendship and understanding with each other. This color of rose doesn’t have romantic connotations but don’t you think that friendship could be the beginning of a romantic relationship. So, by gifting a bouquet of yellow roses you say that he/she is your best friend. It shows that you care about him/her and stand by him/her through the thick and thin of their life.

Lavender Rose

Lavender roses are known for their beauty and rarity. Besides, they evoke instantaneous emotions. So, Lavender roses are considered ideal for sending a message that it is love at first sight and that you have fallen for someone at the first sight. Use your creativity to wrap a bunch of lavender roses, add a happy rose day 2022 greeting to it and send it. in all probability, she will like it.

Orange Rose

The color orange denotes enthusiasm and passion. It also signifies desire and attraction. By giving her a bouquet of orange roses, you will give her a subtle message that you want to take your relationship to the next level from friendship to love. It is a way to say that you have started falling in love with her. So, get it wrapped, add a happy rose day 2022 card and send it to her.

Burgundy Rose

If you are looking for a unique colored rose to give special someone on the rose day then burgundy rose could be an ideal pick. A burgundy rose shows your passion and desire for your beloved. By giving a bouquet of burgundy roses you show that you passionately love her. The emotions involved here are far stronger than those of red roses. The flower connotes joy, fashion, gratitude, care and friendship – all into one.

Cherry Brandy Rose

Are you looking for a rose color that incorporates several different emotions into one? Then cherry brandy roses are just right for you. So, if you have someone who is your love, friend, philosopher and guide then gifting her a cherry brandy rose bouquet with happy rose day 2022 inscribed on it could be an excellent idea.

Coral Rose

A coral color rose symbolizes energy, strong wish and attraction. It shows that you admire someone a lot and their company makes you proud. Give her a bouquet of coral roses along with a happy red rose day 2022 card and in all probability your love life will get filled with energy.

Peach Rose

Do you have an appreciation for someone and want to showcase it through flowers on the rose day? If yes, you should look no further as a peach rose should be your choice of rose. This flower is also ideal for showing sympathy to a close friend, relative or a family member. This flower also denotes sincerity and gratitude. So, if you have one or more feelings like this get a bouquet of peach roses, add a happy rose day 2022 note to it and gift it. Your efforts will be much appreciated.

Cream Rose

Cream rose exudes emotions like charm and thoughtfulness. It is an ideal way to express your feeling for someone who is always on your mind. With cream rose you can thank someone who has done something wonderful for you. Even if someone hasn’t done something wrong, sending it with a happy rose day note could bring a smile on their faces.

Salmon Rose

When it comes to gifting flowers on rose day of Valentine’s week, options galore. Salmon rose with a color somewhere between orange and peach is one such option. Denoting excitement and passion, Salmon rose is an ideal gifting option if your relationship has just started.

Blue Rose

Blue rose is a rare variety of roses and you have to make efforts to find them. The flower is rare, unique and special. No doubt it makes it recipient feel special. So, if you want someone to feel special on rose day then you gift her a bouquet of blue roses.

Lilac Rose

The deep purple color of lilac rose signifies that you are all set for a new beginning and you are eager and passionate enough to start a romantic relationship and spend some quality time together. Send a lilac rose bouquet with a happy rose day note and your relationship will blossom like a flower.

Green Rose

The green color signifies affluence, fertility and abundance. Gifting a bouquet of it brings happiness and shows that you are ready for new beginnings. As green color perfectly gels with nature it signifies that your love life will grow naturally without any resistance from your natural surroundings. So, make a bouquet of it, add a happy rose day 2022 note and send it to her.

Rainbow Rose

Are you looking to give your beloved an outstanding gift on the rose day? If yes, you should definitely try gifting her a bouquet or rainbow roses. Not a surprise your beloved will appreciate your efforts. So, get a bouquet of it and sent it with a happy rose day sticker.

Dark Purple Rose

Rose flower has several variations that give you immense options on the rose day. Dark purple rose is one such color that is deeply associated with royalty. So, if your beloved like to be treated like royalty then you should gift her a dark purple rose on the first day of Valentine's week.

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