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7 Books That Could Have Won Ukraine-Russia War for Zelensky

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been a cause of worry worldwide. Buildings are being bombed, roads are broken to dust and thousands of lives are lost. The war has not only affected the concerned countries but the world in general. What was expected as an easy victory for Russia is now seems a tough battle as the Ukrainian president Zelensky refused to surrender. He, his army and civilians are giving Russians a tough fight. Could war only be won by weapons or even a not so powerful country like Ukraine can get an edge with a good strategy. Here we talk about major books on war strategy that are a must-read for generals, politicians and state heads.    The Art of War by Sun Tzu Should we talk about this book or just mentioning it is enough? The Art of War is a classic that has not lost its relevance even today. The strategies and tactics suggested in the book are still relevant today. One of the major topics in this book is how to defeat the enemy even without fighting. Anothe

MBBS in Ukraine – What Attracts Indian Students to Ukraine

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has brought the spotlight on Indian students pursuing medical education there. As per the data of the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine, more than 18,095 students from India are studying in various colleges and universities in Ukraine. Most of them are pursuing MBBS courses while some others are studying engineering. Some people who are in jobs have also been stuck there. What Attracts Students to MBBS in Ukraine While most Indians are praying for the safe return of students. Most of them have taken shelter in underground metro stations and bunkers. The question arises, what attracts students to study MBBS in Ukraine. Affordable Education Not all students who want to study medicine get admission to government medical colleges in India where fees are affordable. On average, a government medical college charges Rs 2 lakh per annum while fees in private medical colleges are around 10 lakhs per annum. That means you have to cough up around

Short Term Car Insurance –Meaning, Benefits and How to Buy

Have you been suggested to buy short-term car insurance and want to know what is it? Getting car insurance is a pricey affair and those who have bought it can vouch for that. Most car owners buy insurance for twelve or six months but there are times when they don’t need a car for a long time. So why should they spend so much on insurance? Here short-term car insurance could be a great option. Before proceeding further and knowing its different nuances let us know what short-term or temporary car insurance is?   Short Term Car Insurance – Meaning and Definition   Short-Term car insurance, also called temporary car insurance is auto insurance that offers insurance to your car for a shorter period. This type of insurance has certain benefits. However, it is not without disadvantages. With temporary car insurance, you will get your insurance revised more frequently than 12-month insurance which is known for a long lock-in period. So before proceeding further it would be relevant to kno

How to Get an Insurance - A Complete Insurance Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy insurance? It could be insurance of any type including life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, or insurance of any other type. Irrespective of the insurance you may be willing to buy, the rules of selecting the right insurance are always the same. Here we are guiding you on how to get the right insurance.   Know Insurance Type Insurance could be of various types. There are life insurances that cover overall risks to your life while health insurance covers risk for life and cost incurred on hospitalization. Likewise, car insurance covers the risks involved with your car. With travel insurance, you can get a cover for your travel. So, if anything goes wrong while you travel your loss would be covered by your insurance company. Choose the Right Provider While life insurance is provided by most companies, there are certain insurances like car insurance and property insurance that are not offered by a life insurance company. So, you should make sure