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Dog Boarding – How to Select the Right Dog Kennel

Have you heard about the term dog boarding and wondering how could it be useful for your dog? Let us learn it. Planning a vacation and worried about your dog? Need to go on a business trip and don’t know where to keep your dog? Want to enjoy a friend’s wedding in a different city but worries about your dog takes the fun out of this joy? But you don’t have to worry anymore as you have the option to keep your adorable puppy to a dog boarding where it will be kept amidst the best comfort and care from experienced dog sitters. What is Dog Boarding – Meaning and Definition Dog boarding can be defined as a place where a dog can stay overnight or for a longer period or even for a few hours. Here dog owners can drop their dog for a fixed time for a certain fee. It is the duty of boarding owner to provide food, shelter and care to dog. They have trained professionals to keep dogs happy, hygienic and healthy. Some dog boardings specialize in day boarding while some other provide care for l

Dog Grooming Tips (DIY) – How to Groom a Dog on Your Own

You are a doting dog groomer who is very much concerned about the grooming of your dog and you often take it your dog to a groomer. But you can do the basic grooming at home with a little effort. By doing so you can save your time, energy and resources. Here we give DIY tips for dog grooming. Trimming Nails – Start with it Nail trimming is one of the essential steps in dog grooming and you should do it on a regular basis. You may not enjoy this activity but it is important to keep your dog in good health. Sometimes trimming is not required as the dog’s nail get reduced due to walking on the hard surfaces. But there are times you have to do it on your own. Finding a dog trimmer is not difficult as you can easily find it from a local pet store. If it is your fist time then you should see a YouTube video on nail trimming. Usually nail trimming is required every four to six weeks. You shouldn’t cut your dog’s nail too short as it may be very painful for your dog and it may lead to