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31 Ways to a Fun Fourth of July Celebration

Apart from being a day to show our patriotic side, fourth of July is a holiday filled with countless fun activities. Fireworks and parades may be the customary parts of the celebration, but there is more to do on this day than to remain confined to customs. In recent days, Independence Day has become a day to indulge in a plethora of fun activities. Here we list ways to celebrate fourth of July. Watch Fireworks Show There is no denying this fact that watching a firework show is one of the most loved activities on fourth of July. And these shows can be watched in every small and big city. You may be aware about the location of these shows in your city. However, information about them can be obtained from the local newspapers and websites. You should search Fourth of July events to find the fireworks show schedule. The fireworks in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington DC are highly coveted. So, reserve a point from where you can see them blazing the night sky. There are severa