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Pest Control Services: Find the Right Exterminator

Have you seen cockroaches in your kitchen, termites damaging your furniture and rodents biting over the internet cables? These experiences are anything but pleasant. You must be looking for a pest control service to keep these evils out. Pests not only irritate you but also interrupt your routine. Not to say you would be looking for effective control against them. But before we proceed further and hire a pest control service let us discuss its various aspects.

Pest Control Services

Why is Pest Control Necessary?

If your household is also going through a pest problem you need effective control as soon as possible. You can’t delay it for long. Here we give compelling reasons why pest control is important.

Pest Spread Diseases

One of the major reasons you should look for a pest control service is that pests are able to spread diseases. They spread diseases by biting and stinging. Some pests are carriers of parasites, bacteria and other pathogens. Some other pests spread diseases through excreta, hair and other body parts. Here we describe some of the common diseases spread by pests.

Houseflies which have a very common presence in our homes spread diseases like typhoid, salmonella and dysentery. Besides, they also cause food poisoning.

The role of mosquitoes in spreading disease hardly needs an introduction. Malaria, dengue and chikungunya are common diseases spread by mosquitoes; However, West Nile virus is the most common mosquito-borne disease.

Rat and Mice

Rats and mice also spread diseases. Hantavirus is one of the measure diseases caused by white-footed deer mouse. The urine and saliva of rodents also cause infection. Bubonic plague, salmonellosis and Rat Bite Fever are some of the common diseases caused by rats and mice. 


The droppings of birds can also lead to health hazards. Some of the major diseases include respiratory diseases like Salmonella and histoplasmosis.

Wasps or Bees

Wasps are not known for being the career of disease but they are feared for their stinging and aggression. Generally, they don’t attack unless provoked. But there are some people who can die of a bee sting or wasp sting if they are allergic to it. So you need to hire an exterminator to remove them.


Bedbugs are commonly found in hotels, homes and hospitals. Bedbugs were extinct in the US but now they are again being found. Bedbugs can transmit a parasite named Trypanosoma Cruzi which is responsible for chagas disease.

Pest Damage Property

Pest control is essential as the pests cause damage to property. Some pests like termites and carpenter ants bring losses to property. These pest hides in walls and causes much damage even you find out. Some pests like silverfish and carpet beetles love to munch on fibres so they feed on your belongings. Some of the major belongings at risk are carpets, clothes and blankets. So, if you are also facing such problems then you should consult a good pest control service that is well conversant will different aspects of pest control. Such a service takes stalk of the situation before providing you with the solution.

  • Rodents can bite on electrical cable insulations that may lead to a fire. Possum also causes a similar threat.
  • Your building can get damaged due to bird dropping as they are acidic in nature.
  • In the same vein, termites cause damage to the wooden structure of your building.

Food and Health

Pest control is required in the home as well as in commercial settings. Any organization or commercial body dealing in the business of food should get effective pest control. Cockroaches and rodents are common appearances across kitchens. Their presence may contaminate the food items. Besides, there could be other pests like odorous house ants and indianmeal moths that need to be removed. Such pests eat on common edible available in your kitchen. Most of these pests carry diseases so they could be health hazards too.

Keep You Stress-Free

Just seeing a cockroach or rodent can make you stressed. A home without pests enjoys a good environment. You will get stressed when you see a rodent in your kitchen, a bedbug on your bed or a cockroach in the corners of your home will be an ugly sight. 

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Questions to Ask Your Pest Control Company

Pest control is one of the important decisions to make as a lot depends upon this decision. The health, hygiene and safety of your property depend on it so you should take this decision carefully. You need to assess your exterminator in every aspect.

How Long they Have Been Operating?

While selecting an exterminator, you should ask how many years they are in existence. With more years of experience, they would be better equipped to pest control at your home or your commercial establishment. Do they have experience in controlling every kind of pest? Do they provide warranty or guarantee for their work? Here we are not saying that you should never consider a new company but what we are saying to ensure a company has experienced exterminators.

Are they Licensed?

Not everyone is authorized to offer a pest control service. Any firm or company interested in offering an extermination service have to take a license from the authorized bodies. A pest control company must be licensed and insured. Insurance is needed to cover the damage, if any, done during the pest control.

Do They Have Trained Technicians

Pest control requires to be done by experienced technicians. So, you should ask whether they have a team of technicians. You should ask about the training of the technicians. There are several training schools imparting pest control training to technicians. Ask if the technicians providing the pest control services are trained enough.

Ask About the Procedure

You are not an expert and it is why you have decided to engage a pest control company. So, you should ask about the procedures. Having a well laid out procedure is the basic difference between an experienced and an inexperienced pest control service.

Do They Provide Warranty

Most of the reputed pest control services provide a warranty or guaranty for their work. Because sometimes a single treatment is not enough. Some companies also provide treatment if the pests return in a particular period of time. If they offer you a contract you should read every small detail of it before signing it. it is wise to go for a company that offers the best guarantee.

What kinds of pesticides they are offering?

While engaging an exterminator, you should ask him the kinds of pesticides they are offering. Kids and pets are allergic to some pesticides and your service provider must know it. They should come with pesticides that shouldn’t have adverse effects on kids and pets. Some companies also use eco-friendly pesticides and you should check with your company whether they are providing it or not.

Can They Find the Source of Infestation?

Most of the exterminators deal with symptoms only. It is not a permanent solution as the problem keeps returning every few years. You can’t find a lasting solution unless you clean the breeding places of termites, insects and rodents. Before engaging them, you should ask them to find the source of the infestation. If they are not able to find it, or if they are doing guesswork then you should consider looking for another exterminator.

Will They Monitor it?

Some pests can be exterminated with a single treatment while others need repeated applications. The efficacy of the treatment depends on the kind of building, climatic conditions and the way you handle the property. Some good companies keep monitoring the treatment and prevent a new infestation. Ask your service provider if they provide continuous monitoring. If they say that their jobs end with a single treatment, they are not worth considering. You should prefer one that monitors the process.

How to Select a Pest Control Company

The plight of having pests in your home can be only understood by those who have this problem. They often engage in pest control service and soon find that it is not effective. So, hiring a pest control company is a difficult task. Here we tell how to select a company.

Look for Qualification

Pest control is a technical job that should be carried out by a team of qualified technicians. You should check where they are licensed to carry out the extermination work. If you are suspicious about their license, you can check their credentials from the state pesticide regulatory office.

The regulations, products and techniques of pest control keep changing and a good company keep its team informed about the changing practices in extermination. Check if they keep their staff informed. Check if they have a certified entomologist in their team.

Check Their Credentials

As you are asking for qualified professional with proper licensing you should check their credentials. Don’t just believe their words. State authorities issue a license, and you should ask them where they have got a license. You should verify this license from the concerned authorities. You have every right to check their license as you are entrusting them with an important task.

There are different types of licenses. Some licenses can be obtained by simply paying a fee while for some others a minimum hour of training or education is required. You should also check how often this certificate expires.


Qualification and training are good but nothing can beat the experience. A professional pest control company should have experience in several years. Excellence comes with experience. So, you must look for a service which has experience of several years. Even if it is a new company the staff should have several years of experience carrying out extermination task.

Company Reputation

Good deeds bring reputation and it is an affirmation that the company has an excellent track record. Go for a company, your friends, neighbors and acquaintance talk high about. You shouldn’t be carried away by the flashy advertisement given by the service providers. Check from the authorities if there is any complaint filed against the firm.

Customer Support

Customer support is essential for any kind of business as it is where customers convey their opinions and concerns. Customers may want to know about the details of your services, give feedback about the services done and complaints if any. Satisfactory redressal of complaints will add to your company’s reputation.

Sometimes customers ask for suggestions for the problems are they are facing. Such customers can be converted into paying customers with good customer support.

Safety Arrangements

Safety is one of the major concerns when people think about a pest control service. You should check whether your service provider is carrying out the pest control in a low toxic manner. Such a company should have an insurance cover that covers you, your property and staff carrying out the pest control work. You should check whether they will be wearing protective clothes during work. They should have enough arrangements to guard you against toxic exposure.


Your technician should tell you about the kind of chemicals he is using. Some chemicals have adverse effects on your property, pets and children. You should check if they have any non-chemical option. The technicians should reveal the data about the effects of chemicals used.

There are several things about a company that can be verified. But what if you are not comfortable working with them. if you find that technicians from a particular service provider are irritating or you are not comfortable working with them you should avoid hiring them.


Once the work is completed, your technician should be able to document the work done. They should document the work completed, follow up action and any other thing related to the work. The cost incurred should also be mentioned here.

Pest Control – Some Valuable Tip

Besides hiring a good pest control company, you have several other things to do. Here we list some important tips exclusively for you.

  • Sometimes technicians may ask you to remove pets and personal belonging from the area to be exterminated. You should remove them before the work starts.
  • You should make sure that pets and children shouldn’t visit the area unless it is dried up.
  • If there is an aquarium in the area to be treated then it should be removed. If it is not able to remove it, then it should be covered well and the pump should be turned off.
  • There are times when you come across a service provider who will offer you to do pest control as a package deal. Some will offer a reduced price if the package is taken immediately. Beware of such offerings.
  • If you stay away from home and your parents at home, you should only send a verified pest control, a service that is well known for its safety records. You should check their identification and registration before sending them home.
  • Beware of the pest control companies who claim to have a secret formula. Allow only to use those products that are permitted under US law.
  • There are pest control services that thrive on fears. They say that your building will collapse if the pest control is not done soon. You shouldn’t hire them.
  • There are service providers who claim to have material left from the previous jobs and they can do it cheaply. Avoid such service providers.
  • There are some who claim to have been endorsed by the authorities. The US authorities don’t endorse any particular service or product.
  • You should get a contract in writing. You shouldn’t believe in verbal promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pest control services worth the money?

By hiring a pest control service, you are hiring a service that is specialized in controlling the pest in an effective manner. It saves our home from further damage and makes it worth livable. With such a respite the prices paid to a pest control company it worth it.

What is the average cost of pest control?

The cost of pest control depends upon the area and the kind of pest control services taken. However, it ranges between $100-300.

What is the common methods of pest control?

The most common method for pest control is the use of pesticides. With the use of pesticides, you can kill the pest or check its growth. There are specific pesticides for each pest.


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