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Physician Assistant – Everything You Want to Know About It

One of the most sought-after professions in the USA, a physician assistant is an integral part of most of the hospitals. They have the license to examine and diagnose patients suffering from illnesses and suggest treatment. Most of the times they work under a physician but they also enjoy autonomy to a great extent. They find employment in physician offices, hospitals and clinics. What does a Physician Assistant Do? A physician assistant performs a number of duties that includes talking to patients and taking their detailed medical histories. They conduct a physical examination of the patients, prescribe diagnostic test and analyze their outcomes. They also prescribe medicine, document information about the patients and provide counselling to the patients towards effective prevention. In addition, they keep in touch with patients for their overall treatment. Skills Required to Become a Physician Assistant Apart from the education which is the prerequisite, a physician assistant

Occupational Therapy: A Promising Career Options To Consider

Sandra has a 10-year-old child that is not able to use washroom on his own. He is also a slow learner. She and her husband Mike visited several clinics and sought intervention from several child specialists but nothing helped. One fine day a school teacher friend asked her to see an occupational therapist. Since then things are continuously improving. There is a huge demand for occupational therapists worldwide. But before we proceed further, let us understand what occupational therapy is? What is Occupational Therapy? Meaning Occupational therapy can be defined as a kind of therapy that helps people across the age groups to live life to the fullest. Such a therapy helps children and adults to get certain skills to perform certain activities that are essentials for life. Some of the common occupational therapies include helping children participate in social or school activities, helping people with injuries recover fast and helping old aged people going through the physical change