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How to Protect Clothes from Mold and Fungus This Monsoon

We need to keep several precautions during the monsoon. These precautions are meant for health and lifestyle. While you need to live carefully to stay healthy, you also need to keep your clothes safe from molds and fungus. But you don’t need to worry as there are ways to keep clothes safe during monsoon. Put clothes in sun Sunshine is the greatest disinfectant. But sunshine is not available during the rainy season. Use the sunlight even it appears for a few hours. You should also keep your door and open during the sunny days. It will not only disinfect the room also removes the musty smell. Use Silica Gel Silica gel is also very useful during the monsoon. Pouches of silica gel can be put between the clothes or the cupboards. It absorbs the moisture and stops fungus and mold from growing. Silica gel is quite popular among those willing to save clothes from fungus and mildew during monsoon. Wash Clothes with Vinegar Vinegar could be of great help in keeping your clothes f

How to Choose the Right TMT Bars For Your Home Construction?

Are you planning to build your dream house? Then you must be looking for a strong construction. It requires a good construction team and quality materials like cement, brick, stone and TMT bars. As steel makes the framework of construction, you must be searching for quality TMT bars. Here we suggest ways to choose the right TMT bar for your construction. Check Toughness and Flexibility Strength and resilience are two major characteristics you must take into consideration while choosing the right TMT bars for construction. The strength and resilience help your structure absorb the shocks during earthquake. You should make it a priority to buy TMT bars from a fully integrated plant. Take Grades into Consideration While selecting the right TMT bars for your building, you must see the TMT grades. The grade symbolises the strength of the steel. A right balance of flexibility and strength is the chief characteristic of a good quality TMT saria. Know the Ductility Ductility is a